Upgrading your life is easy

This campaign targeting the quintessential Indian middle class has a lot of things working for them :

1. Relatability

The video captures some really relatable moments and is a slice out of an average middle class Indian’s life. The aspiration to have your own car and the financial struggle that comes with it, is all too real. The conversation portrayed between the married couple is one which most of us has had one time or the other.

2. Perfect timing

With Diwali round the corner every Indian family looks to upgrade their assets, it is that time of the year when the purse strings are loosened and every family wants to bring something new to their home.

3. Punch line

Zindagi promotion de na de, hum khud ko toh promote kar hee sakte hai na” – Straightaway lets the audience know that upgrading your life is now an economical option and completely in your hands, with Truebil as a brand new destination in the used cars segment.

4. The campaign doesn’t hold back

If there’s one phrase Indian advertisers love, it is ‘breaking the stereotypes’. It’s over done and has begun to take the relatability out of ad films. This film does not shy away from agreeing to the fact that there is an inherent need in all of us to fit in our social group and be perceived as successful. By showing the wive’s reluctance to go to a party because she was uncomfortable at the thought of arriving without her car, they managed to touch upon a feeling which most of us have, but given the social media era, any marketer would think twice before wandering into.

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