Tricks To Identify Fake Products

Tricks to identify fake products number one Apple earbuds if you have an iPhone it’ll come with a pair of Apple earbuds unfortunately it’s really easy to lose or break a pair of these earbuds which would require you to buy another pair.

there are some companies who will sell knockoff earbuds and claim that they are actual Apple earbuds if you want to be able to spot a knockoff it’s easy the speaker in the earbuds in a real pair of Apple buds looks just like a speaker

covered in mesh if you’re buying knock-offs you’ll see two black circles that look like glass of the ten tricks to identify fake products this is the handiest number two rolex watches rolex watches

are very expensive and there are some unethical people who will sell a watch claiming that it is a real Rolex when it’s not if you’re willing to dish out thousands of dollars for a watch well there are a few ways you can tell the

difference between a fake Rolex and a real one a Rolex watch has a sweeping second hand most of the knockoffs on the market have a ticking second hand you should also look at the inscription if there are imperfections or misspellings

in the logo you can be sure that that Rolex is a fake number three handbags designer bags are very popular today and they’re also very expensive there are plenty of dealers who will sell their handbags claiming that they are real and

that they’re selling the bags at discount prices the reason you’re getting the bag it’s such a good price though is well probably because it’s a knockoff there are a few ways that you can tell the difference though start by

going on the designers website to see where the logo is positioned on the bag if your bag doesn’t match up it’s a fake also fake bags are poorly made this means that the logo won’t match up on either side of the seam and the

stitching will look uneven and it could even be falling apart authentic designer bags won’t have any of these problems number four Easy’s Yeezys are an incredibly expensive pair of shoes designed by

Kanye West unfortunately there are some people who will sell you a fake pair of Yeezys and tell you that they’re real there are a few ways that you can spot a real pair as opposed to a fake pair first make sure that the wave pattern is

floating side-to-side next the middle stitching should go all the way to the tip of the outsole on the red heel tab there should be nine stitch points in the center finally the rubber sole should have seven embossing that look

like flowers if you’re use ease don’t have all these characteristics they’re not authentic number five iPhone charger if you have an iPhone it’s best to use an iPhone charger there are some people who sell fake iPhone

chargers claiming that they’re the real thing there are a few ways that you can be sure that you are buying a legitimate iPhone charger an apple certified charger will have smooth rounded

contacts the knockoff will have rough contacts with an inconsistent finish the width and length of an Apple boot are 7.7 millimeters by 12 millimeters finally the authentic Apple version will have a grey or metallic faceplate insert

wall-e knockoff will have a white or black faceplate insert number six vans vans might not be as expensive as Yeezys however there are still people out there who will try to sell you a pair of fake vans the first thing you

should do is check the box there should be a barcode that corresponds with the shoes in the box you can use a barcode scanner app on your phone to check if it doesn’t match up to the shoes that you’re buying

they’re fake if there’s no label at all the shoes are likely knock-offs next look for packaged paper there should be a piece of this paper inside to keep the shoes from scuffing no paper means that the sneaker is faked finally

check the paper tag that is tied to the shoe think vans will have large tags with very large writing on the sneaker itself check the waffle pattern on the bottom there should be more than one pattern if the sneakers are real number

seven Jordan’s Jordans are another expensive brand of sneakers and it’s not uncommon to get duped and buy a knockoff pair if you want to be sure you’re buying the real thing now there are a few things

you should look for if you look at the logo on the bottom of the shoe and it’s covered in a blueish plastic it’s fake the plastic should be clear also the plastic on the toe on a real pair is sewn tightly to the sneaker now on a

fake it appears loose number eight UGG boots hug boots are one of the most popular brands of boots on the market they’re expensive which is why many people try to sell knock-offs if you have a pair of Uggs and you want to be

sure they’re real you can look for a few characteristics on a real pair of Uggs you can easily bend to the sole on a fake pair the sole is more rigid and difficult to bend also the fur on a real pair of Uggs should have a brown tint on

a knock off pair the fur will be completely white finally check the back of the heel on a pair of real uggs the heel will go perfectly straight across on a pair of fake hugs the heel will be noticeably uneven number 9 samsung cell

phones samsung is one of the most popular electronic manufacturers on the planet their cell phones are especially popular if you buy a samsung phone but you think it might be a fake there are a few ways to tell first check the logo on

the back on a knockoff you’ll see the word Samsung encased in a rectangle on a real phone there is no rectangle next the a in the logo uses thin typography and on a fake it’s very thick finally check the size

of the space between the screen and the edge fake phones will have a wide gap while a real one will have a very thin gap number 10 soda this doesn’t happen very often but it did happen in Saudi Arabia many pallets of Pepsi delivered

to the country worked actually Pepsi underneath the Pepsi wrapper was a Heineken beer wrapper boy that’s a scary thing for parents who allow their children to drink a soft drink huh you want to be sure your soda is real better

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