Things Nobody Told You About Shashi Tharoor

Google autocomplete interview what’s an auto completed we get the best questions of the internet and you want to them okay fair enough so I i would answer questions that you want to give me right now the effort right now

was she arranged pet peeve oh my gosh and I among personally peaks but let me think of the fact that as a vegetarian anywhere i go any flight i think that keeps coming clear I’m just secretly completely vegetarian

vegetables or the she-devils nickname I’ve never had an addition some guys at the college try to find one or two off on me but somehow never had one and I guess the advantage of having a short name is that you skip the nickname

business or the shovel worst nightmare worst nightmare worst nightmare I guess the sequin nightmare was often has these are being unprepared the student was going to an exam and not having studied there’s a speaker it’s

showing up at an event with large audience and last name of the topic is supposed to speak on that going to stuff so I get those kind of Nightmare language what is sure she reads favourite bollywood masala movie

Johnny’s irani without a question 1971 going to your computer and job probably a lot of fun and also find your high school so that kind of made me all the more receptive to Bali without their permission most embarrassing moment what

is the one most embarrassing moment except fortunately it happen in the dark was when i was walking through the international film festival of kerala audience after speaking there and some start greeted me but it was pitch dark

they’re about to scream the open king and my munda might be fell off the track everything in the shower you better all the time very bad you but I do you’re sure you don’t get anxious before public debates

always a bit of anxiety yeah because the point is that you don’t want to be completed and for flat you want to be slightly on edge so you make that extremely show you a product which apples but i’m probably

indiscriminate i’ll grab whatever is in the hotel happened to be staying in and whatever sitting in the bottom shelf and not terribly fussy about these things there are cook at all I tell you I don’t anymore but when i

was living in the West and I had no choice I actually cooked a little bit particularly breakfast which is my favorite meal of the day and I used to make alize for daily consumption that’s

ready to enjoy writing more than debating yeah are writing gives you the chance to reflect correct yourself to fix what you’ve been on a perfectly correct whereas an individual once you’ve said it out there and you can

take it back fill up the ranking gives you the opportunity to really put across what you want to say exactly as you want to say in Division you know broadly what you want to save other words come out of the above at that moment that depends on

all sorts of unpredictable factors you got really script whatever interests and to yourself

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