Things You Cannot Do In Space

while space-traveling might be an exciting idea you should know that there are a number of things you can’t do in space that you can do on earth now let’s have a look at ten things you simply can’t do while in space number 10 using pens to put it simply a standard

ballpoint pen requires gravity for the heat to flow properly intense can’t work in the microgravity environment of outer space you can attempt to write with Penn the lack of gravity will make the writing smudgy and unreadable there is a

special kind of fan called the astronaut pen that will work in space and was designed by NASA contractors for use with the Apollo program in the 1960s legend has it that NASA spent close to 80 million u.s. dollars for developing

the astronaut pen however some counter theories claim that the money for developing the pen never came from NASA and the pen was developed by a private company and sold quite cheaply to them

number nine for being carbonated drinks lack of gravity means lack of buoyant force which essentially means that there’s no pushing gas bubbles up and out of carbonated drinks in space so even when the carbon dioxide bubbles are

inside the tummies of the astronauts they actually just become stagnant inside sodas and beers us while in space would be very uncomfortable drinking carbonated beverages fortunately an Australian company have

developed a special drink all stock for pines stout beer which is weekend carbonation whether it will be safe for consumption is still being researched number 8 spreading pollution according to the Outer Space Treaty developed by

the United States and Soviet Union back in the sixties you simply cannot contaminate space or other celestial bodies so if there was any grand scheme to dump the ever growing pile of waste into space than it has to be shed

because it’s illegal the treaty specifically warned any country from contaminating outer space with their own trash and there might be severe penalties for anyone who cares to follow this plan number 7 doing laundry

you can’t do laundry in space because water is too precious especially in outer space to be wasted in washing your clothes on board the International Space Station there is no washer/dryer so astronauts either wear

their clothes for long durations or discard them when they’re done with them usually astronauts carry a considerable amount of undies in space it has been stated that a crew of six aboard the ISS goes through 900 pounds of clothing each

year in space number six emailing word documents yes the International Space Station has an internet connection and astronauts are allowed to use it but with a slight warning since 2006 email and word

documents attachment has been forbidden in space this happened after NASA shared their apprehension about the security risk post email attachments to official computers microsoft had even issued a security advisory which stated

that vulnerability in microsoft word could allow remote code execution simply put it means that the dot docx files could pose a serious threat to a place as remote of the international space station as well

number five recognizing flower smells when grown in space flowers give out different aromatic compounds and heads smell quite differently this happens because the oils that bear fragrance and flowers are greatly

influenced by environmental factors like temperature humidity and the flowers age while in space flowers are very delicate and hence it’s unsurprising that microgravity would affect their oil production as well on

the space shuttle discovery in 1998 special out-of-the-world fragrance was flown in made by an assortment of roses it was called overnight sensation number for getting pregnant while you may actually get pregnant if

you really wanted to in space experts are strongly against it gravitational hurdles aside intergalactic radiation may cause a serious threat to the conception of the fetus in space scientists have also

stated that the radiation in space amit energetic particles that can smash DNA and apart from increasing cancer rates may also cause genetic damage in the babies who would then be born in fertile for various tests on

space-traveling rodents it has been said that the sperm count drops and egg producing ovary cells waste away in microgravity number 3 whistling try as you might you will not be able to whistle in space even while

on a spacewalk the whole technique of whistling requires air a lot of it the air pressure in a spacesuit is only 4.3 pounds per square inch and normal atmospheric pressure is 14.7 PSI simply put there are not enough air molecules

blowing by your lips to make a sound or those huge rapid vibrations required for whistling in space number two having sex as of yet there are no confirmed reports of astronauts ever having sex in space and it’s unlikely that this steamy

activity will be performed there anytime soon because it can really be uncomfortable experts say that because blood flowing space is negatively impacted by gravity getting sufficient blood flow to the

male genitals would be almost impossible vaginal wetness would be an issue as well because the fluid will just pool at the location of secretion number one crying it is likely that on several occasions

while in space astronauts feel sentimental and want to cry that unfortunately is not possible in space because of microgravity you can produce tears in space but the fact is that the teardrops would remain in your eye and

would stick as a liquid ball the tears can’t flow downward in the way they do on earth because the moisture generated has nowhere to go please click the subscribe link below to get updates on new videos from us

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