Things Your Body Parts Reveals About You


10 things your body parts reveal about you number one the hair the color of a person’s hair says a lot about their personality women with blonde hair tend to be more confident than brunettes and redheads because blondes often get more

attention a study was released regarding redheads and pain according to the study redheads are more sensitive to pain and people with other hair colors also redheads often require more pain

medication and anesthesia during surgery and as your narrator I’ll tell you i am a redhead that is totally true in fact last time i went to the dentist to get a tooth fixed I hadn’t put me to sleep true story why

because i’m a pansy anyway not only does hair color have something to do with a person’s personality but the amount of hair that a person has on their head that has something to do with personality as well

the average bald man in the US has an IQ of 119 which is higher than the average man’s IQ of 115 number to the forehead according to face reader . he taught the forehead says a great deal about a person if a person has a wide forehead

it means that they are clever practical and diligent it also means that they are full of ideas if they have a deep high rounded forehead it means that they’re very serious when it comes to friendships if they have a

flat forehead they’re more likely to deal in facts if they have a receding or a flying forehead they would likely be more spontaneous and impatient if they have an indented forehead

they’re more likely to be less successful in business and if they have a pointed forehead they will be more successful finally if a person’s hair line is not very narrow and setback they would

likely be more bright number three the face men with narrow faces are honest and open men with wider faces tend to be devious these men are also more willing to cheat they also have no problem telling lies often that is what

is complete boulder dash I’ve got a round face and I don’t like okay yeah i guess i do like no i don’t yes idea number for the eyebrows according to Chinese face reading a person’s very specific personality can

be determined by the details in their eyebrows if a person is between 31 and 34 years old and they have short eyebrows they will have more problems in their personal and professional lives if a person has dark thick brows they’re

more likely to be friendly and active they love to have fun with friends and they love to party people who have sparse light eyebrows are slightly less fun than most people they follow every direction to the letter they also spend

a great deal of time organizing people with straight eyebrows always stick to their guns they also have very strong convictions if a person has browse that point upwards it’s a sign that the person has a very

strong work ethic they also make good leaders finally messy eyebrows often mean that a person has a messy life especially when it comes to money management number five the eyes the eyes say a lot about a

person not only are they the window to your soul but they also have a lot to do with personality a person with pale blue eyes is said to be more peaceful than most pale blue eyes also say that the person needs to work on their endurance

and physical strength blue-green eyes means that a person is very focused and that they spend a great deal of time analyzing their emotions people with green eyes get bored easily that man ain’t that the truth and they

need variety in their jobs yep that’s me a monotonous job is not the best choice for a person with green eyes also green eyed people tend to have 20 different thoughts running through their mind all at once

well that explains a lot about me also a person with brown eyes is said to be carrying warm-hearted and very family-oriented finally a person with gray eyes is said to be more private and emotionally cold number six

the nose the nose says a lot about a person’s personality most people with turned up noses are optimistic and full of characters they’re also very enthusiastic when it comes to new experiences and new ventures a person

with a hawk nose is relatively rebellious and doesn’t seek the approval of others the classic shaped nose also known as the green nose suggest that the person is organized and factual the Roman nose is often found in leaders

these people are not very aggressive and they also are not impulsive the Nubian knows is long and has a wide base these people are very passionate and creative they’re always looking for a new and better solutions to problems

finally a person with a snubnose is a street-smart wise and witty person number seven the ears master face reader Joey gap believes that there are 50 types of years and each type represents intelligence or lack thereof people with

protruding ears love to be in the spotlight people with large year loves know how to enjoy a life of luxury and people with flat ears are more opinionated and most if the top part of the person’s ear is larger and rounder

than the bottom they are said to be extremely intelligent why thank you liberate the lips women with full pouty lips and a big mouth are often very popular and lucky women with thin lips are more likely to have long

happy relationships number nine the chin according to a study performed in the United States women with large Chin’s are more likely to cheat because they have higher levels of testosterone number 10 the creases in the hands the

creases in your hands also reveal something about your personality let’s say a lot about a person or persons deepest crease is on the bottom of their hand they are lucky if it’s in the upper area of their hand while

they’re going to be lucky in love finally if the crease is straight across the hand they are highly intelligent subscribe for more and yes my creases straight across the hand of course oh yeah feeling good about myself right now

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