Smartphone Hacks You Didn’t Know

8 smartphone hacks you didn’t know about number one charge your phone on airplane mode if you want to leave the house but you need to charge your phone first there is a way you can charge it fully in half the time if you go into your phone’s settings

you’ll see an option for airplane mode if you put it in airplane mode you can charge it much faster than if you just left it on the regular setting number to download music and movies while traveling if you’re going to be watching

movies or listening to your music while you’re on a plane or on a train or taking a road trip you should download them directly onto the phone if you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection you can still watch your movies or listen to

your music not only will it help you if there’s no Wi-Fi connection it also won’t eat up all the data on your plan this can be a huge money saver number 3 use google voice skype or facebook phone to make calls if you’re planning a trip

out of the country you would need to add international calling to your cell phone plan if you don’t you can expect a huge phone bill when you get home to keep the cost of calling home down use google voice skype or facebook phone to make

your calls these apps work through Wi-Fi rather than your regular service carrier therefore there would be no cost to call home and check up on your friends and family number 4 use your phone as a mirror many women carry around a compact

with powder to use as a mirror when they’re out if your purse gets banged around the powder can crack and end up all over the bottom of your purse rather than carrying around a compact to check your hair and your makeup all you need

is your cell phone all you need to do is turn on the camera as though you’re going to take a selfie you’ll have a great view of yourself and you won’t need to dig around for a compact you can also download mirror apps on your phone

which work just as well number 5 use your phone to identify anything if you forgot the name for something or you need to translate foreign text your phone can give you the answers you need right away all you need to do

is take a photo of the unknown object or the text and upload it to the web through google goggles the photo will then be matched against the search engines database and the object will be identified quickly it’ll also translate

the text making it readable this also works great if you see someone and you want to know who they are if they have any photos on social media Google Goggles will tell you who the person is number six use your phone as a remote

control this is one of the most useful of the eight smart phone hacks you probably didn’t know about if you cannot seem to find the remote control to your television you can use your phone many of the major cable carriers have an app

that you can download and there’s a virtual remote in the app this will allow you to change the channel if your cable carrier doesn’t have one or if you need a universal remote for another device you can download one of the many

Universal apps to turn your smartphone into a remote control number seven keep your phone on your dashboard if your phone is often rolling around in the car when you’re driving you should keep it on your dashboard not only will just

keep your phone close by it’ll also keep it in your view if you’re going to use the phone’s GPS it’s a great way to have the map right in front of you to do this simply get to magnet discs glue one to your dashboard in the spot where you

want your phone glue the other one to the inside of your cell phone case in the back when the two magnets touch the phone will stay on the dashboard for your entire trip number eight play the iphone on your radio without your

headphones if you want to listen to your iPhone’s radio you need to wear headphones if you want others to hear the radio they won’t be able to well finally there’s a way to play the radio for everyone to hear all you need is a

piece of aluminum foil you would need to roll the aluminum foil into a tube small enough to fit into your headphone jack your phone will think that the headphones have been plugged in and the music from the radio will play so that everyone can hear

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