Smartphone Buying Guide

The Smartphone Buying Guide

There are thousands of smartphones in the market. That’s why choosing the right smartphone feels like a complex task. There are so many features to look at – the operating system, processor, RAM, memory, camera, screen size, battery life, features, price, design and lots more!

Choose an OS
The first thing you want to fix on is the operating system.If you’re looking for a feature and app rich smartphone experience, Android or Apple iOS are right for you! Android phones start as low as INR 2,000 and as you add on features & performance, the price keeps going up and can go to INR 60,000 to 70,000. iPhones however are only available at higher price points with iPhone 6S starting at about INR 48,000.In India, android is most popular. But, if you want a simple experience without many features but fast internet and all the basic apps – Windows phones could be a great option.
What’s your usage?

Super Basic user
If you’re just going to make phone calls and use basic chat services like facebook, whatsapp or Hike a basic Android or a Windows smartphone with 3G internet would be good.

For advanced users
But if you’re a heavy user of the Internet, want to use social networking apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, want to watch videos on YouTube, HotStar or Hungama or constantly chat with your friends- a 4G LTE enabled device with a large screen and a good battery life is a must.Oh, and in case you are looking at a stunning viewing experience with HD playback, a device powered by a quad-core processor and at least 2 GB of RAM would be ideal.

Some buy smartphones for gaming – and that’s when you should think about the processor clock, RAM, internal memory, battery and screen size. Bigger display, better performance & good storage is all you need for a great gaming experience.

Battery Life
A battery capacity of about 3,000 mAh& above can really help get through the entire day.But, battery life depends on a lot of things – basically a big screen, internet and social media apps consume battery if you’re using your smartphone mainly for internet activities.So battery totally depends on usage.

Camera Quality
While more megapixels is not always the right answer, it is fairly a good indication of quality. So buy a smartphone with at least 5 MP resolution.

There are so many variety of smartphones available in every price range at Flipkart. Look for the latest model in your budget and be sure of that 100% original products will come straight to your door with brand/company warranty.

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