Why are these Shocking Facts About India So Famous?

Shocking facts about india number one the largest postal network in the world India’s postal network is the largest in all the world they have over 1,000,000 55,000 15 post offices they even have a floating post office that was

inaugurated in August 2011 and it is located in da Lake srinagar each post office serves over 7175 people can you imagine standing in line at the post office india during the holidays number two

Kumbh gathering each year there’s a gathering in India called Kumbh gathering in 2011 the gathering was so large that it was visible from space that year over 75 million people showed up for the gathering

it was quite a sight to see from the satellite photos later in 2013 over 100 million people showed up for the peaceful gathering in india number three a section of india is the wettest place on earth that is inhabited by humans

most of the wettest places on earth are not populated by humans the wettest place that is inhabited by humans is a village in the coffee hills medallion called mussing REM another part of magalia called cherrapunjee is also very

wet since 1861 these areas have received the highest amount of rainfall every year they get an average of 400 67 inches of rain the record stands at 1,000 inches of rain in 1985 this is one of the dreariest areas in the entire

world number for the act of shampooing started in India when you’re shampooing your hair each day you can thank the people of India they didn’t use the liquid shampoo that we buy however they used

herbs the word shampoo comes from the Sanskrit word shampoo it means to massage when you shampoo your hair you are essentially massaging the shampoo into your hair to wash it thoroughly the next time you take a shower and you

wash your hair thank the ancient Indians they are the ones that made it possible for us to have clean hair number five india’s first president wasn’t greedy the first president of india was dr. rajendra prasad but he was appointed the president of india he took only fifty percent of his salary he claimed that he didn’t need any more money than that toward the end of his 12-year presidency he took only twenty-five percent of a salary he kept

the rest of a salary in the government reserve where it could be put to better use the presidents who followed him all took all of their salaries they may not have technically been greeting since it was the money that they earned however

they were nowhere near as generous as their first president number six elephants get the royal treatment in India elephants are treated like royalty you would never see an elephant being treated poorly in this country

elephants are so beloved that they are pampered at the pune thoracotomy elephant yard rejuvenation Center located in kerala at this facility the elephants get massages baths and food these animals are treated so great that

the elephants in other areas of the world knew what was going on they would be pretty jealous people even visit the facility so that they can play with the elements number seven the first diamonds were mined in India the first place that

you could find diamonds was in India it was way back in the fourth century BC that they were first found they were found in Guntur and Krishna district of the krishna river delta in the alluvial deposits for years they were the leaders

and diamond production during the 18th century Brazil found diamonds when this discovery occurred Brazil started getting india a run for their money in the diamond industry number eight a loan voter in India has a

boot setup especially for him this is one of the most shocking facts about India a man named Maharaja Bharata star shonda’s has voted in every presidential election since 2004 he lives in the forest of bed edge in ger

since he’s the only person who lives in the area the government must set up a special polling booth just for him he’s in his early sixties therefore the country allows very special booth to be set up

near his home every April thirtieth this is not something that you would see in the United States number nine india has the largest vegetarian population in the world there are millions of vegetarians all over the world for most this diet is a personal choice for others vegetables are all they have to eat of all the areas of the world india has the largest vegetarian population between twenty and forty

percent of the Indians in the country are vegetarians for some the choice is a religious one for others it is a personal choice either way close to half of the population does not eat meat number 10 the festival’s there are

plenty of festivals in India one of the most popular has doggies wearing necklaces made of beads and candy it is up to the people at the festival to try to break the necklace to collect the beats and candy that the necklace

holds the people will crawl around on the ground trying to search for and collect the goods it may sound like a silly custom to some however it is one of the most popular activities that Indian festivals.

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