Lies you were told and you still beleave

Not wearing a hat or coat in winters will make you catch cold.

Colds are caused by virus, not being cold. Colds are prevalent during the winter because your are inside more often and more likely to come into contact with someone who is contagious.

Microwaves heat from the inside out.

Microwaves actually use non-ionizing radiation to heat the water molecules on the outer layers of your food, the heat migrates towards the middle.

We only use 10% of our brain

We actually use all our brain, we just do not use it all at once. Not only that, but some people use only 10% capacity of their brain power.

Cold food and liquids are good for strep throat

You may think it will feel good, but consuming some cold while you have strep throat actually reduces the blood flow to that area.

Goldfish have a memory that just last for a second

Goldfish actually have a decent short-term memory. They are not geniuses, but they also do not forget things after a few seconds.

Sugar causes hyperactivity in children

Researchers have determined that children who consumed sugar had no more frequent hyperactivity thank children on a sugar free diet.

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