Last minute Laddoo Ad about HP printer

What really drives home the point is that Indians are by far the most involved and attached parents and they play a crucial role in doing the child’s homework. This campaign is very relatable for these parents and each situation portrayed is something that they can identify themselves in.

The campaign really subtly shows how easy life becomes after owning the HP AIO printer, because the parents can help with the child’s homework while waiting for the school bus itself. Now that’s really reinventing the way homework is done.

Last Minute Laddoo

This is the kahaani of our sweet Laddoo, his parents didn’t know what to doHomework yaad aata tha usse Last Minute pe, but one fine day, all their worries flew! Watch How. #Reinventfatafathomework

Posted by HP India on Thursday, August 3, 2017

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