How to buy Cameras

Today every phone comes with a camera attached but if you want to pursue photography more seriously as a hobby there are cameras out there that gives you a lot more than the shoot on your smartphone so if you’re looking to upgrade your dogs begin let us tell you

about the coolest cameras you can buy if you want to shoot like a pro a DSLR is a must-have but before we are sharpened by one let’s take a look at which the SL is right for you based on usage and your

skills if this is your first step into the world of dslr or you’re making an upgrade from your point-and-shoot in an entry-level DSLR is the right pic for you you could also consider minimalist

camera the lighter and compact and still offer competitive image quality the key difference between medalist and dslr is that with mirrorless you won’t have an optical viewfinder only electronic just remember to use the auto mode first and

then we want to the manual mode when you have some experience expect to pay between 20,000 to 80,000 for DSLR and beasts 20,000 21 knack for the Middle East camera the nikon d3200 hundred and the cannon 1200 d are both great options

in this dry swing if you already on the DSLR before and are now on the lookout for more control the lens options and higher-quality you need a mid-level dslr this will give you images that look professional without

stretching your budget to fark their cost anywhere between 25,000 to $OPERAND lacs yes the price range is wide but there really aren’t that many options if you’re an expert shooter the options

with cameras and lenses are basically endless although that variety doesn’t come cheap it’s totally worth it for professional cameras such as the cannon fight the other nikon d4s expect to pay between

40,000 2 3 lakhs oh and in case you forgot to mention to get the most out of your DSLR you may need additional lenses they started about 34,000 and go up to about 87 comes if you’re the outdoors type like going

on adventures hiking biking or swimming then you need a camera that can keep up with cameras like the GoPro and the folder right Q have a high frame rate so it can easily capture fast pace action without blowing it all out and they have

a fisheye lens which means you don’t have to worry about getting the frame just write these cameras are small and compact enough to fit and go anywhere they may look small but they shoot Full HD and even for kit so if you want shots

of your next adventure take one of these along crisis started about five thousand but if you want high res in all the features it can go up to forty four thousand from super pro two super fun instant

cameras view that retro field these cameras that you shoot and print instantly sure you can treat the picture shared on instagram but you can put it up on your desk which is the awesome dose of nostalgia they aren’t too

expensive either starting at about 3,000 and going up to about 15,000 great for parties and an old-school selfie with a dedicated button now that you know what to look for log on to flip card or check out the app

and find the camera that’s perfect for you there’s something for every budget you can read reviews ratings and even compare models plus you get quality products that come

with Brad warranty and will be delivered straight to your door you also have the option of easy replacement if needed i hope we were able to help you pick out your next camera thanks for watching and happy shopping

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