How to find your Adhar password ?

If you are an Indian then you understand the importance of Aadhar card. Aadhar card has become a very important document in today’s time. Now the Aadhaar card is mostly used everywhere, so it is not possible to keep the Aadhaar card all the time, but we  can download our Aadhar Card from the official website of UIDAI as per our requirement .

It is very easy to download Aadhaar card but it is very difficult to open PDF file because the password in the pdf file of the Aadhar card is attached. Indian Unique Identification Authority keeps changing the password of Aadhaar card from time to time for the protection of Aadhaar card. In today’s article, we will learn about how people can find the pdf file password of Aadhar card.Remove your password card

The Indian Unique Identification Authority has changed the password of Aadhar card in October 2017, before the pdf file of the Aadhar Card was used to enter the zip code of the password area but now it is not so. Now you have to create the password of Aadhaar card because now the password of the base card of all people is different then let’s know how to make the password of Aadhaar card –

Adhar card password

It is easy to find the password of the pdf file of your base card. The starting 04 or 03 digits in the Aadhar card will be the words of your name and the last 04 digit will be your birthday year. In addition to these, keep in mind the things mentioned below –

  1. Words used in the password should be in capital letter. (E.g., SAND, RAM)
  2. The last 04 digits should be your birthday year (1996, 1999)
  3. The password will be as per information given in Aadhaar card

You may be confusing, so let’s try to understand with the condition of some condition and some examples:

  1. Suppose your name is VIKRAM BHAGAT and birthday is 05-04-1999 then your password will be – VIKR1999
  2. If your first name is 03 words like RAM BHAGAT and birthday 06-05-1998 then your password will be – RAMB1998
  3. Your name is of 03 words and there is no surname with your name like – RAM and birthday 06-02-1996 Then your password will be – RAM1996
  4. You are from South India and your name is K.VENKATESH like this and birthday is 09-05-1996 then your password will be – K.VE1996

I hope you have now  learned to create an Aadhar card password . Keeping the above mentioned in mind, you can create a password for anyone’s base card. If you liked this article and found helpful, please share it in social media.

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