Compare Indian School meal plan with Japan

Here all the attention was focused on improving the quality of food, but in Japan, lunch is more than just eating, it’s an opportunity to learn proper manners before, during and after a meal, hygiene and even how to grow your own food. Can you imagine something like this in our public schools?

India’s Free Lunch (2008): India’s new policy of providing free midday meals to primary-school students has many Western governments taking note.
Since 2001 all Indian primary schools have provided pupils with a free midday meal. Seven years on truancy rates have been slashed, and child health is soaring. Western governments are taking note.
“Compared to ours, today’s generation is better off,” explains a cook at one school we visited. Vijay Bhaskar agrees, he is the food administrator in Karnataka, and reveals, “the number of children out of school has reduced from 1 million to 70,000.” The scheme has also seen off the junk food industry, as Bhaskar comments, “any person who has seen children eating a hot meal knows that no cookie can substitute.”

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