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I believe the sole purpose of life is to be joyful the number of books and talks about happiness tells me that this quest for happiness is universal books psychological video of speak of in order to thinking how can be happier they say meditate be grateful spend time in 

nature family but money seems to be missing from this conversation is almost blasphemous to say that money will make you happy I’ve spent my entire life in attempting to increase my wealth you’re telling me

these currency nodes are not going to make me happy in fact even when i read that money can make me happy they say that giving away my visit make me happy are you kidding me i think it’s

high dying that somebody takes of this taboo topic and demonstrates that money is not an evil thing and money can make you happy there is a philosophy that I’ve followed for the last 19 years of my life it has

not only increased the joy and ce4 material things and experiences but also given me a lot of other benefits and i would love to share with you the thinking is fairly simple this is the temptation of upgrading

anybody love on an incremental basis only a blade that object or experience when you can afford a 4x of it you just simplify this whole T Ford extends for the monetary value of the object let’s say you have a hundred be god this is

the temptation of buying a hundred fifty to be God even a 200p car if you can patiently be and by a 400 god you look an amazing experience I’ve done this for my house for my card for every single physical object on today and it has

given me amazing amount of joy most people upgrade their life as they make more money it happened unconsciously it’s like your children growing up it’s like your siblings you actually don’t

notice register these updates but if i can make you conscious of these upgrades and mindful of these are graves his mind for the next leads to increased joy from them change generally happens in an instant

it’s an accident drama or an intensely pleasurable experience i’m trying to create an intensely pleasurable experience out of every single upgrade you do in your life i would now like to focus on some of the tenets of this

philosophy the philosophy is about material things things that money can buy experiences that money can buy just to clarify your spouse is not a material object this this this thinking is only about things that you’re

passionate about things that you care about you know I’m nothing there we generally use of great things because our neighbors want them i think Aaron rat’s ass about what kinda have but I don’t spend that every single repeat

that I have left to go for a care experience in Brazil or play table tennis tournament in Spain or by the next best music speakers in the world it’s only about the things that you are passionate about that you care about

that you want to update its not what other people have currently this philosophy is for everyone it’s not limited to people who are rich i started dumping 1997 from 1997 2011 are struggling you know I was doing digital

marketing and digital marketing just didn’t come to India for 14 years it was almost like the one was going on 14 years but even that one time I was amazing things in my life by a4x i was buying a device that cost wanted to be

the pillow from the previous four people be the killer eyes our grading small teams but by 4x every single thing that I’ve been doing that 14 long years I was not doing well was still 4x now you may be wondering at this stage then how does

it matter that probably something by incrementing multiple I think this philosophy delivers amazing benefits let me share some of them with you all these world of ambition and patient almost seems like oxymorons but let me

put it this way that this makes you patiently ambitions better you want to buy a 4x house now you know no bank is going to give you a loan if you were really can’t afford it so I have to make 17 years of my house

so this 4x but also he gives you this doors of chemical dopamine if you heard of it is that Ben chemical so don’t mean it’s like the same bored of chemicals you get it when you go in for these four separate i’m doing is very addictive

also so what happens when you get on this 4x 10 million you become extremely efficient about getting the next weeks and getting the next upgrade but there’s another chemical called serotonin but this is the Dalai Lama of chemicals you

get it when you meditate you know the patients is what comes from serotonin right so I don’t wait 17 years so what this does is it makes me extremely ambitious but also because the patient’s along with it so it gives you

a balance of dopamine and serotonin in which gives you immense amount of joy the second benefit that it delivers it eliminates something called as hedonic adaptation all of us know that we buy something within a few months almost we

stopped driving the joy from it used to happen to me but I stopped updating my car’s intimately but within seven years ago so when I stopped bleeding that what happened is I would buy a college 4×4 what my parents car is an update yours

when I would actually sit in that quarter hour feel amazing so the same thing happened to my house I don’t believe in my house you know 4x after 17 long years it’s been five years I moved into the house even today when my car

goes up the driveway of the house I’ve been amazed like that’s the joy that you get is amazing because you don’t need a patient’s sort of goes of a if you upgrade think mentally then within a few months you even forget that

you have upgraded something the third benefit that it gives you is that I can promise you that you will never have to downgrade in your life so you really thinking this one time that you know 4x philosophy about spending money but

actually it’s interesting forex losophy is about saving money because a break my house for X I’m saving for it will bring my car 4×4 craving for it everything that

want to up-grade have to save money for it so when you go to downgrade in your life so 2008 I’ve been to really tough times but something that was going to buy my company walked out on us know that they say that sort of giving the

bride at the altar the financial industry with a deeper some 11 news and begin the tailspin to donate online and I was trying to turn around the company now because i was able to sort of prevent any downgrades but my family and

my office never fail this test that i was going to you know people don’t register incremental updates when you do them but when you do any downgrades people interested especially your family goes to a lot of states so the thing is

that forest sort of builders buffer into everything that you have because of that I can promise you that you don’t have to ever do downgrades you follow this loss of you the full benefit is it activates the particular context of your brain

I know what my next jacket is will be I know what the next watches will be I know my next everything is going to be the universe sort of is working its way is of getting this to me the laws of attraction well let’s put it

this way that the universe is making me work so that i can get all these things so the laws of attraction obviously adds to this 4×4 losophy the fifth benefiting is perception I’ve spent my entire life the field of

advertising one thing that struck me is that perception is reality but I get up in the morning just imagine when I look I look at something which is 4x what I used to have earlier and get something else with

16x what I used to have something which is not in bx what I have it gives me this feeling of confidence whenever the house I feel like the king of the way I’m not insulted so my confidence sort of this sort of allows

me to charge more for my services and it’s about you cycle people also perceive me to be more successful so have friends who have you know updated life intimately but some of the other make sure will conception is that I more

successful so the thing is is that it gives me this balance where I want to judge Moore and people want to pay me more so it adds to this this whole thing about perception it’s an amazing feeling

when you follow the philosophy that last year like to cover is back after falling is not believe what 20 years i look back my decision-making has suddenly become better because when you buy an object it’s never for an instant gratification

is something that you planning to buy and because of that you will end up doing more research will talk to more people or the decision that you take become more purposeful because you want to spend more time in the object and

what I’ve seen is that it brings a lot more discipline into your life when you actually spending monies so you may think that it’s like a philosophy to spend money but I think it’s a way of life which is much more discipline then

going for instant gratification when you’re buying things without thinking about them it makes you more purposeful decision maker when you follow the philosophy this philosophy can actually have a sort of a bird’s-eye view impact

on the world imagine that if enough people falling this philosophy you would see innovation every single material object experience in the void because people would be willing to pay for X more for the same object innovators and

creators will actually get the canvas to innovate on another object in already happens in some industry if you take industrial water mobians . leads to can pretend . 3 second improvement on the speed of the car people having to pay

hundreds of thousand dollars more . same thing happens in the culinary industry where people can charge more for mr. star restaurant it happen to me or new industry we’re already feels like me i’m willing to pay a lot more for music

speakers but imagine that this was followed for every single object in the morning everybody has passions and they would love to upgrade those passions by 4x and they know it doesn’t creators would love to create products

experiences on those passions so then we demand and supply and there are millions of good in the world that everything would go for an upgrade the last one I would like to leave you with is the next time when you reach out

your pocket to buy something let’s see if you can add a little patience in it and see if we can upgrade what you want x factor 4x i can get into you will give you more joy from that object for a longer period of time will

make you more discipline your life the way you spend your monies it will definitely activate the laws of attraction and if you get a lot of things that you want and you know you all these benefits that have spoken

about the only thing you do is this is the temptation of building a life on incremental basis if you want to play your life pleased with multiples of 4 X thank you

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