7 Well Known Symbols You Never Knew The Meaning

Seven well known symbols you never knew the meaning behind number one the ampersand the ampersand is assigned that means and it’s often used in names and titles such as business names and book titles simple actually has a Latin origin it is a method of

writing the Latin conjunction at which means and in ancient Rome scholars wanted to find a way to speed up the time that it takes to write a man named 0 invented a system of abbreviations that is known as turonian the ampersand

was one of the symbols that he created later the percent became popular in europe and america today it is used quite often even though many people struggle to draw the symbol properly number to the heart symbol most people

associate the heart symbol with love people where heart-shaped jewelry to represent love Valentine’s Day you see cards covered with hearts and heart-shaped balloon when the symbol was first created it said to have

represented more than love there are three different stories about how the symbol was created however nobody is really sure which one is true the first theory is that the symbol was created out of the shape that

Swans make when they meet in the air swans are said to be symbols of loyalty love and devotion because they stayed together for life once they pair up the second theory is that the shape terms from the shape of the female tell vez

the third story comes from Greek mythology in drawings of the god of winemaking have a patron of passion there were often ID leaves in the photos and they were in the shape of a heart number three blue shoes if you’ve ever

used any type of Bluetooth technology you’ve seen the Bluetooth symbol the symbol goes back to a historical figure and King Harold flattened he was famous for uniting to Dana’s tribes into one Kingdom his nickname was bluetooth

because he ate so many blueberries that one of the seat was stained blue the simple that was created is a combination of symbols the part of the symbol that looks like an abstract is hug all which is the Latin letter H

the part that looks like the letter P is the letter B in Latin the reason it is two symbols in one is because bluetooth allows two devices to share and connect the next time you press the Bluetooth button on your phone or tablet you can

now tell people that you know where the symbol comes from and why it is called luge’s number for the medical symbol staff with wings and two steaks this symbol goes back to Greek mythology however it has nothing to do with

medicine the Greek legend says that the god Hermes had a staff that was possessed and magical the staff had the power to stop any disputes between enemies nobody knows why the medical community

adopted this symbol Burmese didn’t have anything to do with medicine the only theory that people have is that the staff represents the doctors and the diseases represent the enemy’s the rest of the symbol and the reason that it’s

used in medicine is still unknown number five the power-on symbol all devices had a power button and they all use a universal symbol it is an incomplete 0 with a line in the middle two simple

dates back to the binary age of nineteen forty man engineers use symbols to represent switches if the switch was on one it meant that the switch was on it was a zero admits that the switch was off over the years to civil transforms

to what we see today on all devices the symbol is used on almost all devices one universal symbol makes things much less confusing number six the ok hand gesture most people have used this hand gesture at least once in their life to form a

circle using a thumb and index fingers and leave the other three fingers standing up straight there are few stories that are related to how this simple came about the first story goes back to when US President Martin Van

Buren was campaigning the story says that he was from old Kinderhook New York rather than writing it all out his posters he used the initials ok the second story says the US President Andrew Jackson use

the hand gesture every time he finalized a decision the final theory comes from the Justin Hindus and it says that it is a muda today people use the symbol all the time to signify that they’re okay and

that somebody did something really good number seven the peace symbol this is one of the seven well known symbols you never knew the meaning behind most people have seen peace symbols either on signs posters or on clothing this symbol

goes back to nineteen fifty-eight when people were protesting against the use of nuclear weapons the symbol is a combination of the letter N and the letter D this stood for nuclear disarmament the simple stuck and it was

used very often in the nineteen seventies when people were protesting the Vietnam War and trying to spread the message of peace even after the war was over people continue to use the peace sign a

few other examples of peace signs are the jobs and the olive branch since these symbols are more difficult to draw many people stick with a nuclear disarmament symbol subscribe for more

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