20 Weird Jobs That Pays Well

From Crime Scene Cleaner To Golf Ball Diver , We Take a look at the wired jobs that exists

  1. Snuggler
  2. Paper towel smeller
  3. Crime scene cleaners
  4. Food stylists
  5. Golf balls divers
  6. Face feelers
  7. Sewer Inspector
  8. Sex toy tester
  9. Master sommelier (104 avaliable today)
  10. IMAX screen cleaner
  11. Pet food tasters
  12. Bed tester
  13. Embalmers
  14. Ethical computer hackers
  15. Obscure stunt testers
  16. Water slide testers
  17. Voice over artists
  18. Furniture testers
  19. Wrinkle chasers
  20. Oil and gas divers
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