15 Biggest Lies Parents Tell Their Children

15 biggest lies parents tell their children number one your fears turn red when you’re lying parents don’t want their kids to lie to keep kids from doing so many parents will tell their kids that their ears will turn red if they’re not telling the

truth not only will this trick keep them from lying you can also get a child to admit when they’re line as adults we know that it’s not true it’s not right it’s just it’s not just to make sure your ok you

can never be too careful number two sitting too close to the TV will make you blind parents don’t want their children sitting too close to the television as it can obstruct everybody else’s view of the TV to keep kids from

doing that parents will tell them that if they sit too close I’ll go blind obviously that’s not true if we can fit in front of our phones for hours every day that are only a few inches from our face

we’re not going to go blind by sitting too close to the television number three standing close to the microwave will give you cancer when kids put their food in the microwave and then they want to stand close by to watch the Food go

round and around for some reason parents just don’t want them to do that sort of put a stop to it parents will tell their kids that standing so close to give them cancer so the responsible parent would actually

have a cancer-causing appliance in there on the start with us number four the hills are where Giants are buried to keep kids from wandering too far from home or to a place that they don’t know some parents tell their kids that Giants

are buried in the hills it was a lot that was told when the family went on a picnic or camping trip and the parents wanted their children to stay close by the screams most kids out enough that they avoided the hills

whenever possible in fear that they might actually find the body of a giant or even a live giant well most kids who believe the lie would stay right by their parents I’d in the hilly area number five if you pee in the pool it will change the color of the water that’s what I always thought this was true parents want their kids to get out of the pool if they have two feet rather than going in the water and parents we

thank you for that well I mean who was to be the swimming pool around somebody else’s pee am i right while many kids go swimming their parents will tell them that if they pee

in the pool the water will change color and everybody will know that it was them that did it now people even say that you can buy specific chemicals to make the water change color however that’s not true

unfortunately number 6 carats give you x-ray vision parents want their kids to always eat their vegetables unfortunately some kids hate every vegetable their parents put on the plate including character to get kids to eat

their carrots some parents tell them that if they eat enough of them they’ll get x-ray vision melamine kids can one day see through walls clothes and even people if they eat enough carrots carrots to benefit

the eyes in many ways but they can’t give you x-ray vision adults no this is not true especially if their parents told them the life they spent their entire childhood filling up on Sharon so really this is just our way of getting

even we can’t do this back to our own parents so we do to our kids Number 7 if you eat a watermelon seed will grow up flatten your belly that’s not known why parents told their children is like maybe they

were kids who were eating the feed and show nobody really knows however parents often will tell their kids that if they keep a watermelon see the watermelon could grow in their belly especially if you drink a lot of water or other blue

with anybody who knows anything about the human anatomy knows this is not possible deliberate if you swallow your gun your poop will bounce up and down the toilet but ok alright personally I’ve never heard this one but

alright this is a pretty dumb lie to tell a child my parents made this up to keep their kids from swallowing their gum and when the kids follows gamma can be a choking hazard also it can be difficult to decide yet

tell me gives this lie would just make them curious we why wouldn’t you choose common and swallow it down because really who wouldn’t love to see their poop bouncing around like a bouncy ball this is more likely to get you to do it

rather than not do it number nine now here’s the one I did grow up hearing about gum swallowed God will stay in your tummy for seven years now there’s another live parents tell their kids to keep them from swallowing

their gum this lie is kind of strange because it actually has an expiration date of seven years everybody knows that it can take just a day or two to digest gum and nothing you eat will ever stay with you for seven

years number 10 drinking coffee will stunt your growth parents don’t want their kids drinking coffee for some weird reason i guess the capping bad for them and it will keep up all night but all

kids they want to grow up and be big and strong like mom and dad for parents tell their kids that caffeine will stunt their growth they’ll be less likely to want from this lives pretty smart until the kids old enough to know better

number 11 you can’t swim until 30 minutes have passed after eating any kids heard growing up that if they went into the water after eating and they didn’t wait 30 minutes they would crap and drown

well not exactly this is just really no good reason that kids can’t go into the water right after eating parents probably said it so their kids would sit down and rest out of the sun for a little while there really is no marriage

to the Browning and dying part of the story number 12 your pet went to live on a farm this is the nicest one of the 15 biggest lies parents tell their children the parents don’t want to break their child

hearts by telling them that their beloved pet died so they say went to live on a farm this gives kids a nice image of their pet playing it deals with other friendly animals better than picturing what

really happens Gibby seriously thats that’s what happened to the fluffy that’s serious you didn’t go off to a form you lied to me a number 13 you’ll get more if you such a tow we’re

all sold this one when we were younger parents say it so you won’t pick up a toad that could potentially be carrying a disease at the very least the toad is dirty and ugly to keep you from picking up those dirty toads well mom and dad

are scary with the idea of getting ports especially mom she really does not like those toes better not well actually she probably doesn’t like to working with number 14 your hair will grow faster if you cut it

kids hate to get here touch some don’t want to sit still some don’t want their hair short when parents say their kids here will grow faster if it gets cut the child would probably be more willing to sit still and get the haircut over with

so they know that they can enjoy longer hair later not true kids get their lines are you and finally number 15 make that face and it’ll stay that way that this is a live parents told us so we would stop making faces at other people if the child’s worried that they’ll have an ugly face forever well they’ll be less likely to make ugly faces and other people unfortunately i made the face it stuck and that’s why.


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