10 Things You Didn’t Know About Melania Trump

10 things you didn’t know about Melania Trump number one she was a model Melania Trump is gorgeous therefore it should be no surprise to find out that she was once a model what is surprising is that she started

modeling when she was just five years old throughout her younger years she was featured in a variety of print ads and commercials by the time she turned 16 her face was

very familiar to many my 1996 she was modeling in the United States before she was legally allowed to work in the united states number two she has a college education Bologna out wanted much more out of life and just looking

great and being a model after graduating from high school she was living in Slovenia and she attended the University of you bianna she always had a passion for design so she studied design and architecture number three the first time

she met Donald Trump there are many things you didn’t know about Melania Trump and this is likely one of them Milania was at a party for a new york fashion week in 1998 with friends when Donald Trump approached her he was there

on a date with another woman when he approached Milania he asked her for her phone number she knew he was on a date with another woman so she didn’t give him her number but she agreed to take his he gave her all of his contact

information and she gave him a call soon after they started dating and according to Milania it wasn’t long before the two fell in love number for her wedding was very expensive melodia and Donald were married at donalds monologo estate in

Florida the reception was held in a 17,000 square foot ballroom her dress was a Christian Dior and the designer used 300 feet of fabric and over 1,500 pearls and crystal rhinestones the dress cost $100,000 it

was so beautiful and so extravagant that she was photographed wearing her wedding dress for the cover of vanity fair the cake was five feet tall and it weighed over 200 pounds there were over three thousand roses on the cake made of

white icing it took two days to make the cake Billy Joel saying at the wedding also the couple had many celebrities at their wedding the entire affair cost an estimated 1

million dollars number five she uses her design degree Milania earned her degree in design and she put it to good use she is a designer for many of trumps properties including the three story

penthouse where the couple resides with their son she says that it is her best work and it is decorated with fine marble and 24 karat gold the only space in the penthouse that she didn’t design our own is the space that her son Baron

occupies she is also consulted on the designs in a variety of Donald’s hotel rooms and in his resorts number six she is a devoted mother most mothers who are rich and famous higher nannies to help care for their children

Milania does not believe in nany’s she did an interview with parents magazine where she explained what type of mother she has always wanted to be she is a totally hands-on mother she’s never hired any outside help to care for

her son bearing and she says she never will she says that she brings him to school and drives him to his after school extracurricular activities when her husband was on the campaign trail milani

got stayed home to care for her son she says that she grew up with a constant parental presence and she wanted the same for Baron this is the exact opposite of how Donald’s other children were raised number 7 her son has his own

floor millennia doesn’t hire nannies and she chooses to care for Baron on our own since they spend so much time home together melodia wants him to be as comfortable as possible to be sure that he has

enough space to play and run around she gave bear on his own floor in the family’s penthouse in the Trump Tower she even allowed him to decorate the floor the way he wants he chose airplanes and helicopters according to

Milania Baron loves color ever we’re in his room except for his bed she says that he prefers white blankets and linens to anything colourful number eight she is Donald’s third wife Melania had

never been married before she met Donald however she was not his first wife his first wife was it vana Trump and the couple had three children together when the story of his affair with marla maples broke

ivana divorced him soon after he married Marla and they had a daughter together the marriage didn’t last and they too got divorced melania is Donald’s third wife and he is the father of milania’s only child

number nine it was her choice to stay off the campaign trail it was no secret that Milania was not present when Donald was on the campaign trail for president of the United States his children were always there but

Milania was at home she says that it was her decision she says that she is political in her private life but in public it is Donald’s thing also she wanted to be home with her son Baron number 10

she works with charities melania is one for a good cause therefore she works with a variety of charities including the breast cancer research foundation the Police Athletic League and the Red Cross

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